Why start a blog?

Good question! (I’m glad I asked). I’m an oceanographer, writer, educator and advocate. In the course of my work and while living my life, I often come across interesting topics that I’d like to see made accessible to a broad audience. Critical ideas and issues that should be distributed, discussed, debated and occasionally, debunked. A blog is the perfect platform for this and a scientist/writer is just the person to think she can do it.

For the most part, I’ll focus on the science, policy, social and personal aspects of climate and environmental change. In addition to writing about these subjects, I’ll include interviews with people involved in this work. This blog will also feature some of the research I am doing for a science fiction novel, possibly a series, which focuses on the oceans and climate. Those topics include: human evolution, the development of marine adaptations in mammals (i.e. whales, seals, etc.), hydrothermal vents, and bioluminescence. (So far! Great material for science “fiction”, eh?) Occasionally I may include some related fiction writing as well as posts about writing itself.

I’m open to suggestions regarding topics, potential interviewees, articles, ideas, etc. And I am happy to consider guest bloggers on related subjects. A few paragraphs will do.

I expect to update it every other day, at minimum, so if these topics interest you, bookmark this page and visit often! Vote in the poll, if you are so inclined. And spread the word!

Thanks!  –Danielle


3 thoughts on “Why start a blog?

  1. Good work dear!

    I’ll check in periodically.

    P.S. Thermal event life forms contain carbon, yes? Organic detritus rains down through the ocean layers to the bottom. And as you point out, without energy from the sun would we have suitable ocean currents and climates to drive those conditions? So maybe the communities are largely isolated but their existence independent of the suns energy? Hmmmmmm. :).

  2. yes this is very scientific. I can email you the email address of the science teacher I had who I think may be in charge of middle or high school science teachers in Yonkers NY in case you or they want to communicate, but I am checking with you first then I will send you his email and you can send info and your blog if you want to offer to correspond or anything with students for science… anyway, yes your blog looks like what I was somewhat doing in that science class I told you about.. of course.. my understanding and learning is at a whole different level… very elementary but because of it I kind of get the gist of what you are trying to say (save the planet).. take care Cous. glad to see you continue your dreams-Elissa

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