Thursday 10/15 is Blog Action Day ~ 6,000 Bloggers Writing About Climate!

Hi, welcome back.  I know I said I would be updating this page on Tuesdays, (and I will return to that schedule next week,) but this week is a bit special. Thursday, October 15, 2009 will the be the 3rd annual Blog Action Day and the topic is climate. Almost 6,000 bloggers will be writing about some aspect of climate for their readership. Together we represent an audience of over 10 million readers in 128 countries! That’s a lot of people who will be writing, thinking, commenting, and Tweeting about climate all together, all over the world.

What to write about? Some blogs will focus on the human dimensions of climate change: food and water scarcity or the plight of environmental refugees. Others will discuss the politics of climate – and in the run up to COP 15, there’s no shortage of material there! I’ll write about the science of climate change, as usual, but about what specifically?  Hmmm, I read an interesting article in Science last week about the connection between monsoons and ice ages and what that means for our understanding of today’s polar ice sheets….  There was also an interesting meeting in Kashmir this weekend between glaciologists and other climate scientists focusing on the Himalayan region…  Or perhaps something else will come up between now and then!  I bet you’re just dying to know, right? Well, check back on Thursday and you’ll see!

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