It’s Alright By Me

Darius Rucker AlrightShort check-in today because I was up until midnight last night finishing my synopsis and plan to spend tonight away from the computer. Writing is going well – I came up with a new story, pitched it and submitted a two-page synopsis.  Waiting for feedback and then I have a month to write it. My story includes an engineer who designs stock cars, so I’ve been learning about NASCAR from the web and a host of wonderful Twitter folks! I’m hoping to get to Old Dominion Speedway sometime in the next few weeks to check out a race myself.  I’ve been advised to bring earplugs.

Haven’t done much on the learning front – either Holly Lisle’s fab course How to Think Sideways or the Artist’s Way. I think I’ll put those goals aside for now and fit them in the next round. I have been doing my morning pages, regularly and before noon. They’re a wonderful tool for exploring ideas about a story in progress – and unloading all the BS like insecurity, self-doubt, and perfectionism that get in the way of writing.

Recently a writer friend noted that I always seemed so happy and wondered if I was at all discontent. I replied with a litany of things I wish I could have: more time to write and greater productivity when I do. The money, time and energy to pursue all those interesting pastimes I explored but abandoned in the past like rock climbing and martial arts. The opportunity to travel more and a more flexible job for my husband so we could spend 6 months living in Paris, Scotland, or India. (I’m a consultant so my time is pretty flexible. Besides, time in India would probably help advance my project).

You know what was funny about this exercise?  Rather than making me depressed or more discontent, it was cathartic. I felt lighter after putting my dreams out there. I realized none of them were do or die. I’m pretty happy right where I am.

I also realized that few of my wants are unattainable. I mentioned my list to my husband and he started thinking about what he could do to make more travel possible for us. We’re still a long way from 6 months in Paris, but now we’re planning 2 weeks in the fall. Not a bad start!

This afternoon I heard a Darius Rucker song that captured just how I’m feeling: Alright. It’s such a wonderful feeling and a fantastic song. Check it out here. Afterwards, give yourself a treat and head on over to YouTube to check out more of Darius’ music – you won’t be disappointed! (If you think the voice sounds familiar, you’re right. He’s the lead singer from Hootie and the Blowfish, all grown up and singing country).

You check out the other wonderful folks participating in the 2nd Round of Words in 80 Days. They’re all right here.

How about you? Are you content? Confused? Are there things you’d rather be doing with your life? Can you think of ways to make them happen? Try writing them down and sharing them with others – in the comments section!

Danielle Meitiv is a writer, marine science geek, gardener, and mother who goes barefoot whenever possible. Danielle is also a huge fan and sales affiliate for Holly Lisle’s online courses: How to Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers, and How to Revise Your Novel. Follow @Danielle_Meitiv on Twitter, and on Facebook: Danielle Meitiv’s Barefoot Blog, and Danielle Meitiv.


2 thoughts on “It’s Alright By Me

  1. – I read this piece and I thought ‘your such a good writer’, it makes me happy to read ur piece- so how’s that for contentment:). U write like a writer-the only writer I read (other than childrens books to kids) is books by jodi picolt (so u can be my second favorite author- when u finish ur book). Ur cousin ron’s dream job would be to be a nascar driver- he knows all about that stuff-so there is another resource for u. And of course, as a romantic spectator- I love that ur spouse didn’t say ‘u want to travel 6 months a year-are u nuts’ and instead std ok to two weeks in the fall…. That’s just smitten to ur readers:). And u will just get more material for ur stories:). I am thrilled for ur success, process and initative in blogging- I know I am not ur biggest fan because u have many, but I am on ur fan list:). Good night author d-.

  2. No can’t think of much I want – a new body maybe (laugh , only when i stiffen up!!) I have had a good time out of life have acheived every ambition I had as a youngster -travel, University (in my 40’s), enjoyment at paid work, writing a book. I never wanted fame / fotune/ high position – sound dreadful reading – smug – but I am content
    also of course am heading toward three score and ten so its good I feel like this.
    the trick I think is to want less consumer stuff, retain a sense of curiosity – be willing to change/learn – enjoy being.

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