You’ve reached the online home of Danielle Meitiv, the “Free-Range Mom” from Maryland

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I’m a scientist, writer, and parent of kids who roam. (You might have heard about that last part…) I have a Master’s degree in oceanography and a lifelong love of science and the sea. When I’m not penning or parenting, I work as a science consultant to government agencies and non-profit  organizations.

I’m an opinionated parents who thinks a lot about how to raise kids who thrive – and I’m willing to stand up for my beliefs. Come say Hi on Twitter (@daniellemeitiv) and join the conversation about parenting and freedom on my Community Facebook Page. I’m represented by Louise Fury of the Bent Agency.

Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE:  As of June 2015, ALL of the CPS charges against us have been dropped. Now we are gearing up to bring the fight to them, to stand up for the freedom of all parents to raise their children independent and responsibly, as they see fit.  If you would like to help, please donate and/or spread the word about this fundraising campaign.

Click here to donate via Paypal.

All donations go through the National Association of Parents and are full tax-deductible.

Thanks for your support!



One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Ms. Meitiv,
    The last news story I was able to find about you (August 2015) stated that you had filed a lawsuit against Montgomery County Child Protective Services. I would like to know what became of your lawsuit.
    Thank you.

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