My Badass Midlife

Midlife isn't a 2nd act — it's a whole new play

About me

I’m a scientist, free-range mom, and Primal Health Coach-in-training. I celebrated my 50th birthday in June 2019 and I’m ready for the next stage/phase/adventure in my life. I’m excited about reaching this age! We women are told that we’re supposed to fear getting older, to pine for our youthful bodies and looks, and try desperately to hold back the clock. That’s bullshit! Youth is great for the young but I’m over that. My hair is going gray, I’ve got wrinkles, and I’m happy to be alive.

No doubt my perspective on middle age is informed by the women in my family who never got to enjoy theirs. My maternal grandmother and my aunt died at 43, and my mother got cancer at 44 and died at 64 – I’m not taking a single minute for granted!

So here I am. I’m going to write, ponder, share, research, study, and jump into all kinds of ways to have a badass midlife, to make the most of whatever comes next. I’ll try to keep it as real and honest as I can. Enjoy.

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