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  1. Martin Loftus Apache Junction AZ

    Saw a story about CPS’ inquiry into your parenting. I think you should start a go fund me page to fight those over officious jerks. What is wrong with those people. However, I would be very careful now that the story has been in the popular press. Some creep may have read the story and be familiar with your neighborhood. Next time CPS shows up at your door, I would have the kids pepper spray them to demonstrate how to dissuade bad people from bothering them. You can get pepper spray from any sporting goods story.

      1. Scott P

        I made a donation and support you. Apparently the government knows best and wants helicopter parents to raise an entire generation of permanently dependent boomerang children. There must be some military-industrial complex argument to it? Perverse.

    1. Mrs. Meitiv, I’ve read a article about your family in a Dutch newspaper.
      I want to wish you good luck and a lot of wisdom.
      I brougt up my daughter the way you are bringing up your children. Result: a nice responsebale young lady with self-confidence. She got the oppertunity to learn, make mistakes and to sucseed. It gave her pride in her self.
      Best whishes, Bep de Loor.

  2. joanne

    I was a free-range kid growing up in the 50s and 60s in Washington DC and later in Montgomery Co., MD. I loved the freedom to walk back-and-forth to school every day and to go sledding in the snow after dark at the playground. No one worried about me and I wasn’t worried. However, during my childhood and adolescence I had two experiences with men on the street exposing themselves. Another man followed me in his car until I ran up the alley to safety. When I was 13 a group of men in a car propositioned me. I never spoke about these things to my family. It seemed shameful to me. No one told me what was appropriate or not. Times have changed, but there are still predators out there. It only takes minutes for your child to be scarred for life, or worse, to disappear. That is quite a risk you’re taking. Maybe their freedom outweighs the risk. I hope it works out for the best for your kids. It’s their lives you were gambling with. They aren’t old enough to question your judgment.

  3. Nicole Wolfe

    Hi Danielle! My name is Nicole Wolfe — Executive Producer at FOX 29 in Philadelphia. I would love to have you on our weekend morning show — would you be able to skype with us? If you can contact me, I’d appreciate it! Thanks so much!

  4. Debb

    Hello Danielle, I too am also fighting a battle with the CPS in North Carolina and with unsubstantiated neglect. I am guilty until I can prove my innocence. It has caused my family to be ripped and torn and hurt by strangers who seem to have no purpose for what they are doing. My situation a little different but has arrived at the same battle. Mine has to do with mental illness and my way of handling the treatment. My child has been removed with no warning and very little contact. She is desperate to come home. It has not even gone to court as of yet. My legal counsel and everyone around us are baffled and confused how the CPS at DSS can get away with this. The cost financially, mentally, and physically are exasperating. Others I have since found cannot battle this due to this cost so CPS wins. I have also been advised that they are immune to any liabilities or mistakes that they may have made during this process. It seems that the CPS/DSS here is an agency accountable only to itself. I would like to be wrong about this but I am not finding any supporting evidence otherwise. This is more than just about raising our children, it is about more government going rogue. I tend to stay out of the light due to the sensitivity of our situation. Just know I support you and will be watching to see where your journey can be of help to my family.

  5. Danielle:

    I am the Executive Director of the National Association of Counsel for Children and the primary author behind the “Children, Families and the Law” weekly blog. I have blogged twice in support of your fight against misguided, counterproductive CPS policy, and would love to have a brief phone conversation with you about these issues. I can be reached at 303-864-5322 – thank you!

    Kendall Marlowe

  6. Hello. I would like to help you with these evil agencies. Go to you tube and type in Karl Lentz. Listen to his recordings and learn how to beat these monsters. thank you, good luck.

  7. Les Suegel

    Hi Danielle–Producer Les Siegel–Kabc Radio am790 Los Angeles
    Would you do phone interview please Wednesday April 15–morning drive time
    My host agrees with you all the way
    We would be happy to push any web site or legal defense fund
    Les Siegel
    Doug McIntyre Show
    Kabc Radio LA

  8. John Gorman

    Being a parent as well with similar beliefs I hope for the best for you and your family in the fight against CPS. CPS has clearly over stepped its bounds and realistically caused more harm than any attempt at their misguided help of your children. It is clearly your right as a parent to raise your children as you see fit and as long as they are not in clear and present danger they have no right to make such unsubstantiated judgments. The “hovering” parenting style created out of media hype of a few isolated cases in the 80’s and beyond has done far more harm to the children of the past couple generations than allowing them to be free and actually learn at early ages to begin making decisions on their own. Kudos to you and once again best of luck.

  9. Hi Meitivs – I’m a literary agent with the Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Agency and I have followed your story for the many months that it has played out. As a mother myself, I admire your parenting style very much and support you fully. I have read and admired several of your impressive pieces of writing and heard you on the radio. I thought I’d check in to see if you’d like to meet or chat on the phone about putting together a positive and instructive book that promotes Free Range Parenting. I think that the readership for such a book would be tremendous.

    As a brief background, my agency represents quality fiction and non-fiction of all kinds, including the massive #1 NYT bestseller WILD by Cheryl Strayed, MA Gov. Deval Patrick’s memoir A REASON TO BELIEVE, bestselling and award winning novelists Ha Jin and Anthony Marra, and last summer’s NYT political bestseller HRC by Amie Parnes and Jon Allen, to name a few. I’m sure that this isn’t the first agent query you’ve received so if you are happily agented (or happily un-agented) no worries. But if you’re game, please do drop me a line. My agency has offices in NY and Boston but I am based here in Washington, DC. I would love to hear your ideas.


    Bridget Wagner Matzie
    Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency

  10. Jason

    I am in a situation with Montgomery County as well and I am the non-offending parent. I would be interested in giving you my full story for you book. As long as my name is not published. In my situation all the professionals, lawyers and CPS from other counties are on my side, but Montgomery County is very corrupt. I really feel an investigation into Montgomery County is necessary, especially when I have spoken to other CPS organizations who say I would already have my child, if it happened in another county. Truly, there is something sinister going on with the Montgomery County CPS.

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